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Monday, 10 November 2014

[Solved] - How to Solve Obtaining IP Address Error While Connecting With BSNL WiFi (Wireless Internet) on Android Device


          Since I'm using an Android Device, I used to use my WiFi home network for internet. In starting days, it was running quite well but one day I found a problem with it. While I turned on my WiFi (Wireless Internet) and tried to connect it with my home network, it was saying "Obtaining IP Address" and that was stuck on my screen. It was unable to connect with my WiFi and I was only able to see "Obtaining IP Address".

          I've tried too many thing like, I've restarted my Router and also Forgot all other connected WiFi from settings. But no luck, still nothing has happened! I was still getting that error. But after doing some research I found an easy solution for it. If you are also getting this problem than just follow the below given steps and get rid off this error.

Follow the below given steps to solve Obtaining IP Address error (Android)

  • First of all turn on your WiFi setting on your android device.
  • Now you will able to see the available connections on your device.
  • Now try to connect your desire WiFi network.
  • Now if the status is stuck with "Obtaining IP Address", you can able to see like mentioned in the below screenshot.

  • Now touch and tap on the network you want to connect. Here in this example, you've to touch and tap on the "BSNL_AP".
  • Now you'll get two options like "Forget Network" and "Modify Network" as mentioned in the below screenshot.

  • Now select "Modify Network" and then you will get a menu as given below.

  • Now you've to provide the password of the selected network and select the "Show advanced options" given just after "Show password".
  • Leave the Proxy settings as it is and in IPv4 settings by default, it's "DHCP". Change IPv4 settings by "Static".
  • Now you'll able to change the advance settings. You will see "IPv4 Address", "Default Gateway", "Subnet Mask" (Optional), "Network Prefix length", "DNS 1", "DNS 2"- these settings.
  • You can put IPv4 Address like to  , Default Gateway as , Subnet Mask as , Network Prefix Length as 24 , DNS 1 as , DNS 2 as and then save the settings.

IPv4 Address   : to (Any one inside this range)

Default Gateway   :

Subnet Mask   :

Network prefix length   :   24

DNS 1   :

DNS 2   :

          After saving this settings, you will able to connect to that network. Enjoy internet on your android device! If you are still getting problems then simply put your problems in comment. Give your feedback, your feedback is appropriate for us.

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