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Monday, 24 August 2015

[Solved] - How to Block and Stop Receiving Game Request Notification on Facebook Permanently

          Hello friends, Today I'm going to share a tip by which you can able to stop receiving annoying Game requests on Facebook. Facebook was started for chatting purpose only. But by the time passed, Facebook has achieved very good response from all around the world and become the best social networking site ever. So now a days, people use Facebook for Marketing more than chatting. There are many apps and games are available to play on Facebook. Millions of Games are available on Facebook and Millions of people play it on a regular basis. Because of too many good games available on the market, to be in the competition, developers need to advertise their apps and games as much as possible.

          For marketing purpose, they provide facility like, share with your friends to earn more points or share with your friends to earn a life, etc.. Because of this purpose, users invite their friends by sending them notification to play that game or use that app. There are many people (including me) find it really annoying to receive game requests. I am sure this post will help you every one to get rid off these annoying game requests. Follow the below given steps and you're done.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Get Absolutely Free Mobile Recharge by Installing Applications on Android devices using mcent


          Now a days, having a smart phone is not a new thing. If you've smart phone than you often need to recharge your mobile for calling,internet packs etc. If you get recharge for free than how you feel about it? Feeling Crazy?? I know so many people search on Google how to get free recharge or how to get free internet. But what happens? They might not get them for free, or if they get it, it'll be illegal and the service provider might block their SIM Card because of that illegal activity. Here, I'll tell you how can you get free recharge officially without worrying. It's totally free and it'll always be.

          There are so many applications available in Play Store, which are providing free recharge by installing and trying different different free apps. But there are some fraud apps also available on Play Store as they works very well initially, but as soon as you go for recharge your mobile, you'll not get recharge your mobile at all. Where as in some other applications, suppose, you've earned 50 rs, but after sometime, it'll show some different value like 20-25 like this. So it's not recommended to try all the apps available on the Play Store. Here I'll provide the best applications available to get free recharge. I know you're getting very much interested. Now read the post carefully and enjoy the free recharge.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

[Solved] - How to make Bootable USB Drive for Windows Operating System using Rufus


          Now a days, there are many operating systems available in market. People are using them on different different device. But as we all know it's not human, it's machine, so sometimes it gets confused when user performs such tasks. Sometimes system may hang and will not response at per the user want. This problem usually takes place when user is working with many different different processes. Sometimes operating system might be crashed because of viruses and other threats. Whenever this problem occurs, user has to re-install the operating system in order to use that device. You can re-install it using CD/DVD but in this generation, no one likes to use CD/DVD because of it's small life as well as it's slow processing speed. In order to get high speed in making bootable USB and in installing operating system, USB is best option available.

          I'm here to give you easy steps to make a bootable USB without doing manual stuff. You just have to follow the below mentioned steps in order to prepare a bootable USB.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

[Solved] - How to Activate Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 using KMSPico


          After doing so many surveys, it has been found that the most widely used Operating Systems are Microsoft's Windows Operating Systems. They are used more than any other Operating System now a days. Microsoft is providing the trail version of each Operating Systems to try out their Operating System. After the trial period finished, user will only able to use some of the features and many of the features will be disabled automatically as the trail period is over. Sometimes it may happen that user can't able to know all the features of particular Operating System because of lack of time for the trail period.

          Here, I've provided a tutorial by which you will able to activate your Windows Operating System for 180 days. I'm providing this tutorial only for testing purpose. If you like this OS than go for it and buy it. Don't use pirated software and don't encourage people to use pirated software. Developers try hard in developing such software or OS, so buy it and support them.